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Our Treatments

Laser Hair Removal in Sacramento, CA
Laser Hair Removal

Easily eliminate unwanted hair using the latest in laser hair reduction technologies.  

Botox in Sacramento, CA
Injectables & Fillers

Improve the firmness and flexibility of your skin. Create facial contouring, shape your lips, and correct fine lines.

Plasma in Sacrameno, CA
PRP / Plasma Therapy

Heal soft-tissue injuries or rejuvenate facial tissue while improving the tone and texture if your skin. 

Medical Spa in Sacramento, CA
Skin Resurfacing

Enjoy a more youthful looking appearance and improved texture of your skin in just one treatment.

Body Contouring in Sacramento, CA
Body Contouring

Tighten your skin, shape your silhouette, reduce and prevent cellulite.

Facials in Sacramnto, CA
Facials & Peels

Diminish the appearance of fatigue, stimulate circulation, avoid premature aging, and hydrate your skin. 

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